Outdoor kitchens – this ain’t my dad’s backyard grill!

I recall many  happy Sundays in the backyard standing around the grill while my father cooked up racks of ribs and sausages on the patio. Even writing about the backyard grill sounds like the replay of an old movie in today’s world.  I have been thinking about whether backyard grilling has changed and have concluded that it has like everything else.  That’s because of the home cooking shows, “food” travelogues,  the “who is the best chef” t.v. shows and even the recent movie about the famous chef, Julia Child. Our national interest in cooking has even changed the building of decks and patios because people now want to include an outdoor kitchen. We just returned from our annual Archadeck meeting where we learned a lot more about the latest in these outdoor kitchens. Here are some basics about outdoor kitchen designs. There are three basic design shapes – first, there is a straight design that lines up the various components (the cooker, warming bins, etc.):  







Second, there is the L-shaped design that allows for seating – for a bar/eating area and more room for kitchen components:







Third, there is  the galley design which has an aisle down the middle with counter-top or kitchen areas:







I wish that my dad was still here as I imagine that his outdoor grill today would look more like one of the outdoor kitchens we are now offering at  Archadeck of Coastal Carolina :  

 Bon appettit!


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